Until now most Saas adoption has been in HR and CRM, but our business intelligent solutions provide new opportunities where installation takes a fraction of the time of traditional in-house deployment and can be used for a number of business reasons


All our applications are available from anywhere on any device and have a lower learning curve than traditional in house solutions which leads to a higher adoption rate

Because we manage the IT infrastructure, it means you have lower IT costs for hardware, software and the number of people to manage it all.

All updates and upgrades are managed by us, so you don't need to worry about patches or installs. And because our services reside in the cloud we can grow with you and your user base, our multi tenant architecture can scale to meet your demand.

We simplify deployment and help reduce IT staffing costs, maybe in part that's why so many companies are turning to hosted Saas as a way to offload internal costs and with a consistent pricing model we can help you keep control if IT costs.


1. Lower cost of entry
You simply pay for what you need, as a software vendor we provide all of the applications you need online which means the time it takes to deliver a working solution can drop to weeks, days or even hours from the traditional model.

2. Get the benefit early
You get painless proof of concept where you can test and prove the process in demo mode before going live, this discovery phase allows you to trial/test and deliver the best online journey for you and your branches.

3. Pay as you go
Saas gives you the benefit of predictable costs, even as you scale you have a clear indication of what your costs will be. This allows for much better budgeting, especially when compared to the costs of traditional internal IT roll out.

4. You don't need to worry about upgrades, up time and security
As all of our software applications are hosted by us, we take the responsibility for maintaining the software and upgrading it.
Our solutions typically provide seamless, automatic and frequent upgrades as part of the subscription charge ensuring you get the best solution.
We also take security very seriously, our data centre partners provide all of the security measures you would expect from 2 of the world’s leading hosting providers AWS and Rackspace.

5. Higher adoption rate
Because all of our applications are available on line via familiar web browsers, users get instant access to content on any device and because there's a much lower learning curve you get a quicker adoption rate.

6. Integration & Scalability
Most of our solutions are designed to support an amount of customization for the way you do business, API's allow connectivity to your internal applications like CRM, but also to other Saas providers.
As you scale your business there's no need to worry about investment in server capacity and new software licenses, simply adjust your subscription accordingly.

7. Work anywhere
As our software is hosted in the cloud and accessible over the internet, users can access via any device as long as they are connected. Real time updates keep everyone up to date with current content and compliance issues become easier to control.